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The Intimate Space Kit

The Intimate Space Kit

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This stunning kit was put together by Teacher Marisa Bonfanti who created The Intimate Space unique online journey. It includes 11 oils, all in 5 ml bottles and properly diluted for Aroma PointTherapy style application and anointing. This is a fabulous way to get many precious and more expensive oils as a reasonable price. It includes the following oils diluted in clear, organic jojoba: 


Bergamot 25%  

Vetiver 25%  

Black spruce 50% 

Palmarosa 25% 

Rose 10% 

Blue tansy 15% 

Saro 25% 

Jasmine abs 15% 

Coriander seed 50% 

Cardamon 25% 

Neroli 15%  


*** You do not have to be enrolled in this course in order to purchase the Kit

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