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Aroma Point Therapy Super Bundle

Aroma Point Therapy Super Bundle


Oils included are listed below. These carefully selected oils are all small to medium batch distillations of wild harvested or sustainably harvested EO's properly diluted in clear, organic jojoba. All in 15 ml:


Bergamot 25% 

Blue Tansy 15%

Atlas Cedarwood 25%

Geranium Rose 50%

Wild Bulgarian Lavender 25%

Marjoram 25%

May chang 25%

Nutmeg 50%

Cardamom 25%

Pimenta Berry 25%

Palmarosa 25%

Rosemary 50%

Saro 25%

Black Spruce 50%

Vetiver 25%

Roman Chamomile 10%

Clary Sage 25%

Silver Fir 50%

Cypress 50%

Juniper Berry 25%

Spearmint 25%

Black Pepper 25%

Laurel 25%

Coriander Seed 50%


* No substitutions please

**For those taking part in APT,  we suggest adding the Precious & Euphoric EO Kit

  • Product Info

    This Aroma Point Therapy Super Bundle is incredible-plus it's currently 10% off!

    It contains a careful and thorough selection of 24 properly diluted EO's for use in Aroma Point Therapies.

    Utilize these key diluted oils on acupoints and Chakra zones safely and effectively.

    The Super Bundle contains all 24 EO's covered in the Aroma Point Therapy Fundamentals course (APT) with Tiffany Carole.